Welcome to Andress Boat Works in 2020.

Things are different but we are open. We are following social distancing protocol and limiting the numbers in our stores and facilities.

We will follow all guidelines which do change from time to time. The virus has impacted our Water Taxi Service considerably but most other services are modified and effective.

Life is anything but “business as usual” at Andress Boat Works in Summer of 2020, but we are still here and we want to be ready to service all our customers in a modified manner that keeps all staff and customers safe.

Marina service is dependent on government directives. Boating Ontario has worked with Marinas and the government of Ontario and provided good practices for marinas, which we have implemented. Keeping a safe distance from fellow boaters and marina employees will be key for all of us when the recreational boating resumes. You will see new signs for refueling and loading boats. It will be critical that we all give each other safe space when at marina and docks.

We are proud of our history and our reputation for being welcoming and helpful but new protocols require us to not greet people with hugs and handshakes.

Recreational boating provides an excellent way to social distance and have fun in the summer months. We are here to serve you and we ask that everyone follow Ontario guidelines. This means limited numbers in the stores and no access to the small gas cash station. It also means keeping a reasonable distance from the gas pumps and sometimes a line up at the Ice-cream store. We are all learning patience and we truly appreciate your patience and support at this time.

Our RiverRock Suite is not available until further notice.

Andress Boat WorksOvernight docking will be available with and without hydro.

Our public washrooms will not be available as per the guidelines.

Our garbage dumpster will be available, at the same fee, but each person must handle their own garbage bags. Staff will not drop off garbage for customers. Recycling is on hold at this time.

These are different times and call for all of us to work with the distancing and safety precautions so we can continue to enjoy boating, the river, and remain safe and healthy.

Changes will be frequent and communications will be via Facebook, this website and signage on location.

Stay Safe Everyone